Introducing the St. Louis based squad of Dueling F.C. soccer team, where camaraderie and passion collide on the pitch. We lace up our boots not just to conquer opponents, but to champion a noble cause that resonates within our hearts – the spirit of Lincoln.  Dueling For Lincoln is a non-profit organization that has raised thousands of dollars towards research for Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML), but their primary focus is on their Heartbeat Animal Program, which provides the recorded heartbeat of a loved one in a stuffed animal. The program was born out of a desire to provide families with a tangible memory of their loved one and to represent the strength of those who continue to fight. This year Dueling for Lincoln is sending a team to TST to raise money and awareness for their cause!

*Disclaimer: Dueling FC operates independently and is solely funded through separate means. It does not receive financial support from Dueling for Lincoln.  The goal of the TST team is to gain national exposure in hopes of expanding the charity's footprint nationwide.